Pont Gelert is the upper terminus station of a fictional 2 foot gauge railway somewhere in North Wales.

The general idea is that in the late 1860’s local quarry owners got together to build a railway from the coast up the valley serving several slate and granite quarries along it’s route along with a couple of copper and lead mines. Narrow gauge was chosen to reduce costs and it was decided from the outset that a passenger service would be provided for the local population.

The railway and the quarry’s it served were moderately successful until the late 1940’s when the area fell on hard times and the railway started to suffer from declining traffic levels.

In the early 1950's timber started to be extracted from the local forests and with the local roads still being narrow and poorly maintained it was decided to transport the timber out by rail. A new siding was laid just under a mile before Pont Gelert. The empty timber wagons simply reverse into the siding to be loaded, but the loaded train has to travel to Pont Gelert so that the locomotive can run round it's train ready for the downhill run.  

A fleet of new and second hand 4 wheel bolster wagons were bought for the timber traffic, along with second hand diesel locomotives. 

The local coal merchant still has his supplies delivered by rail, for distribution locally using his horse drawn cart. A small building is provided for his office.